Amazon RDS interview questions

16. When should I connect to the database directly versus using Amazon RDS Proxy ?
Depending on your workload, Amazon RDS Proxy can add an average of 5 milliseconds of network latency to query or transaction response time. If your application cannot tolerate 5 milliseconds of latency or does not need connection management and other features enabled by RDS Proxy, you may want your application to connect directly to the database endpoint.

17. How will serverless applications benefit from Amazon RDS Proxy ?
Amazon RDS Proxy transforms your approach to building modern serverless applications that leverage the power and simplicity of relational databases. First, RDS Proxy enables serverless applications to scale efficiently by pooling and reusing database connections. Second, with RDS Proxy, you no longer need to handle database credentials in your Lambda code. You can use the IAM execution role associated with your Lambda function to authenticate with RDS Proxy and your database.

18. Which database engines does Amazon RDS Proxy support ?
The Amazon RDS Proxy preview is available for Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility and Amazon RDS for MySQL. Support for additional database engines will come soon.

19. Q: Can I access Amazon RDS Proxy using APIs ?
Yes. You can use Amazon RDS Proxy APIs to create a proxy and then define target groups to associate the proxy with specific database instances or clusters.

20. How do I access my running DB instance ?
Once your DB instance is available, you can retrieve its endpoint via the DB instance description in the AWS Management Console, DescribeDBInstances API or describe-db-instances command. Using this endpoint you can construct the connection string required to connect directly with your DB instance using your favorite database tool or programming language. In order to allow network requests to your running DB instance, you will need to authorize access.

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