Amazon RDS interview questions

46. What are DB Parameter groups ? How are they helpful ?
A database parameter group (DB Parameter Group) acts as a ‘container’ for engine configuration values that can be applied to one or more DB Instances. If you create a DB Instance without specifying a DB Parameter Group, a default DB Parameter Group is used. This default group contains engine defaults and Amazon RDS system defaults optimized for the DB Instance you are running.

47. Can I create a read replica in an AWS Region different from that of the source DB instance ?
Yes, Amazon RDS (except RDS for SQL Server) supports cross-region read replicas. The amount of time between when data is written to the source DB instance and when it is available in the read replica will depend on the network latency between the two regions.

48. Can I configure my Amazon RDS read replicas themselves Multi-AZ ?
Yes. Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle allow you to enable Multi-AZ configuration on read replicas to support disaster recovery and minimize downtime from engine upgrades.

49. Can I promote my read replica into a ‘standalone’ DB Instance ?

50. What information can I view on the RDS dashboard ?
You can view all the system metrics and process information for your RDS DB Instances in a graphical format on the console. You can manage which metrics you want to monitor for each instance and customize the dashboard according to your requirements.

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