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What is PPA in Ubuntu

PPA (Personal Package Archives) PPAs are software repositories that are created specifically for Ubuntu users and are simpler to install…


In AWS EC2 how to know your ubuntu version using the command line commands

lsb_release lsb stands for Linux Standard Base. Certain LSB (Linux Standard Base) and Distribution information is printed by lsb_release command….

PySpark @

Convert data from the PySpark DataFrame columns to Row format or get elements in columns in row

pyspark.sql.functions.collect_list(col) This is an aggregate function and returns a list of objects with duplicates. To retrieve the data from the PySpark…


How to give empty string as accepted_values in DBT

Jinja filter : as_text If we are giving ‘ ‘ [ two single quotes ] , this will consider as…

Shell @

How to find if a substring exists in a string or not in Shell/Unix scripting

This will be a common use case when we need to check some substring in a log or some file. …


How to generate your project’s documentation in DBT

generate and serve generate DBT has two supported commands for generating documentation for the models. dbt docs generate is responsible…


How to find the difference between two dates in DBT

datediff  The datediff macro can be used to calculate the difference between two dates. {{ dbt.datediff("column_a", "column_b", "day") }} {{ dbt.datediff("column",…