DBT command not found after intalling DBT – How to resolve – Explained.


Once you installed dbt after going through the https://docs.getdbt.com/dbt-cli/install/overview , if still you are getting DBT command not found , these are the things that you may need to check . 

  • To begin with, make sure you are in the environment where DBT is installed.
  • Check if the installation has been done successfully, and where the program dbt.* (I believe it’s dbt.exe) can be found.
  • If you’ve found the file, add the directory to the PATH environment variable of your PC.
  • Using dbt – version inside the environment, check the dbt version.
  • Except for the command – dbt init, which is used to create a project, DBT functions wherever a DBT project has been created. After creating a project there, you can use any DBT command.
  • You should be able to start projects and perform relevant commands if you can acquire the DBT version.
  • You will directly receive an error asking for profiles.yml if it is not configured. In that case, configure profiles file using DBT manual.
  • Even after creating a DBT project, there are a variety of potential causes for issues that need to be addressed; If you can run the command dbt , then all set. 
  • Set up database credentials in the profiles.yml.
  • Eexecute/run dbt init [your project name]
  • Run dbt debug in the directory of the project you just created to see whether your database credentials are correct and that dbt can connect to the database.

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