Amazon RDS interview questions

41. How do I connect to an RDS DB Instance in VPC ?
DB Instances deployed within a VPC can be accessed by EC2 Instances deployed in the same VPC. If these EC2 Instances are deployed in a public subnet with associated Elastic IPs, you can access the EC2 Instances via the internet.

42. Can I move my existing DB instances outside VPC into my VPC ?
If your DB instance is not in a VPC, you can use the AWS Management Console to easily move your DB instance into a VPC. See the Amazon RDS User Guide for more details. You can also take a snapshot of your DB Instance outside VPC and restore it to VPC by specifying the DB Subnet Group you want to use.

43. Is there anything different about user management with Amazon RDS ?
No, everything works the way you are familiar with when using a relational database you manage yourself.

44. Can programs running on servers in my own data center access Amazon RDS databases ?
Yes. You have to intentionally turn on the ability to access your database over the internet by configuring Security Groups. You can authorize access for only the specific IPs, IP ranges, or subnets corresponding to servers in your own data center.

45. Can I use Amazon RDS with applications that require HIPAA compliance ?
Yes, all RDS database engines are HIPAA-eligible, so you can use them to build HIPAA-compliant applications and store healthcare related information, including protected health information (PHI) under an executed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with AWS. If you already have an executed BAA, no action is necessary to begin using these services in the account(s) covered by your BAA.

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