Amazon RDS interview questions

56. How to migrate existing database to Amazon RDS ?
There are two ways to import data :
mysqldump : If you data size is less than 1GB, you can directly make use of mysqldump command and import your data to RDS.
mysqlimport : If your data size is more than 1GB or in any other format, you can compress the data into flat files and upload the data using sqlimport command.

57. How to find Amazon RDS (postgres) connection limit ?
If you have a PostgreSQL RDS instance, then you can query for max_connections by
select * from pg_settings where name=’max_connections’;

58. What is Amazon RDS instance backup window duration ?
Backup window doesn’t specifically ask for the time when to start take backup but instead ask for time period in which aws can trigger backup. So basically it’s asking for backup window time. (a). StartTime: When can the process of backup be started. (b). Duration: time window in which process must start to take backup.

59. How to have an Amazon RDS instance Online only when its needed ?
You can do this programitically by
Snapshot the RDS instance using rds-create-db-snapshot.
Delete the running instance using rds-delete-db-instance.
Restore the database from the snapshot using rds-restore-db-instance-from-db-snapshot.

60. How to scale horizontally Amazon RDS instance ?
You can use Load Balancing Amazon RDS Read Replica’s using HAProxy.

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