AWS Lambda interview questions

57. Is the default limit applied on a per function level?
No, the default limit only applies at an account level.

58. What happens if my Lambda function fails during processing an event?
On failure, Lambda functions being invoked synchronously will respond with an exception. Lambda functions being invoked asynchronously are retried at least 3 times. Events from Amazon Kinesis streams and Amazon DynamoDB streams are retried until the Lambda function succeeds or the data expires. Kinesis and DynamoDB Streams retain data for a minimum of 24 hours.

59. What happens if my Lambda function invocations exhaust the available policy?
On exceeding the retry policy for asynchronous invocations, you can configure a ‘dead letter queue’ (DLQ) into which the event will be placed; in the absence of a configured DLQ the event may be rejected. On exceeding the retry policy for stream based invocations, the data would have already expired and therefore rejected.

60. Can Lambda functions in a VPC also be able to access the internet and AWS Service endpoints?
Lambda functions configured to access resources in a particular VPC will not have access to the internet as a default configuration. If you need access to external endpoints, you will need to create a NAT in your VPC to forward this traffic and configure your security group to allow this outbound traffic.

61. What is Code Signing for AWS Lambda?
Code Signing for AWS Lambda offers trust and integrity controls which enable you to verify that only unaltered code from approved developers is deployed in your Lambda functions. You can use AWS Signer, a fully-managed code signing service to digitally signed code artifacts and configure your Lambda functions to verify the signatures at deployment. Code Signing for AWS Lambda is currently only available for functions packaged as ZIP archives.

62. How do I create digitally signed code artifacts?
You can create digitally signed code artifacts using a Signing Profile through the AWS Signer console, the Signer API, SAM CLI or AWS CLI.

63. Can I use packages with AWS Lambda?
Yes. You can use NPM packages as well as custom packages. Learn more here.

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