AWS Lambda interview questions

92. Can I use my own version of a supported library?
Yes. you can include your own copy of a library (including the AWS SDK) in order to use a different version than the default one provided by AWS Lambda.
Using AWS Lambda to process AWS events

93. How do I troubleshoot failures in an AWS Lambda function?
AWS Lambda automatically integrates with Amazon CloudWatch logs, creating a log group for each Lambda function and providing basic application lifecycle event log entries, including logging the resources consumed for each use of that function. You can easily insert additional logging statements into your code. You can also call third-party logging APIs in your Lambda function.

94. What is an event source?
An event source is an AWS service or developer-created application that produces events that trigger an AWS Lambda function to run. Some services publish these events to Lambda by invoking the cloud function directly (for example, Amazon S3). Lambda can also poll resources in other services that do not publish events to Lambda. For example, Lambda can pull records from an Amazon Kinesis stream or an Amazon SQS queue and execute a Lambda function for each fetched message.Many other services, such as AWS CloudTrail, can act as event sources simply by logging to Amazon S3 and using S3 bucket notifications to trigger AWS Lambda functions.

95. What event sources can be used with AWS Lambda?
Its can be Kinesis, S3, AWS Lex etc.

96. How do I create a mobile back-end using AWS Lambda?
You upload the code you want AWS Lambda to execute and then invoke it from your mobile app using the AWS Lambda SDK included in the AWS Mobile SDK. You can make both direct (synchronous) calls to retrieve or check data in real time as well as asynchronous calls. You can also define a custom API using Amazon API Gateway and invoke your Lambda functions through any REST compatible client.

97. How do I invoke an AWS Lambda function over HTTPS?
You can invoke a Lambda function over HTTPS by defining a custom RESTful API using Amazon API Gateway. This gives you an endpoint for your function which can respond to REST calls like GET, PUT and POST.

98. How can my AWS Lambda function customize its behavior to the device and app making the request?
When called through the AWS Mobile SDK, AWS Lambda functions automatically gain insight into the device and application that made the call through the ‘context’ object.

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