AWS Lambda interview questions

29. How do I create an AWS Lambda function using the Lambda console?
If you are using Node.js or Python, you can author the code for your function using code editor in the AWS Lambda console which lets you author and test your functions, and view the results of function executions in a robust, IDE-like environment.

30. How do I create an AWS Lambda function using the Lambda CLI?
You can package the code (and any dependent libraries) as a ZIP and upload it using the AWS CLI from your local environment, or specify an Amazon S3 location where the ZIP file is located. Uploads must be no larger than 50MB (compressed).

31. Can I save money on AWS Lambda with a Compute Savings Plan?
Yes. In addition to saving money on Amazon EC2 and AWS Fargate, you can also use Compute Savings Plans to save money on AWS Lambda. Compute Savings Plans offer up to 17% discount on Duration, Provisioned Concurrency, and Duration (Provisioned Concurrency). Compute Savings Plans do not offer a discount on Requests in your Lambda bill. However, your Compute Savings Plans commitment can apply to Requests at regular rates.

32. Does AWS Lambda support versioning?
Yes. By default, each AWS Lambda function has a single, current version of the code. Clients of your Lambda function can call a specific version or get the latest implementation.

33. How long after uploading my code will my AWS Lambda function be ready to call?
Deployment times may vary with the size of your code, but AWS Lambda functions are typically ready to call within seconds of upload.

34. What if I need scratch space on disk for my AWS Lambda function?
Each Lambda function receives 500MB of non-persistent disk space in its own /tmp directory.

35. Why must AWS Lambda functions be stateless?
Keeping functions stateless enables AWS Lambda to rapidly launch as many copies of the function as needed to scale to the rate of incoming events. While AWS Lambda’s programming model is stateless, your code can access stateful data by calling other web services, such as Amazon S3 or Amazon DynamoDB.

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