What are the features in Snowflake Query History page?

  1. You can access the snowflake query history page from Navigation=>Compute=>Query History.
  2. Users can access the Query History page from the Query Details pane for a query in a Snowsight worksheet.
  3. Will get the count of queries that match the current filters.
  4. There will be a Drop-down lists to filter the query history by status, user, and additional filters.
  5. To change the active role for viewing the query history you can do it on Search box and drop-down list.
  6. Refresh button to update the table with the queries that were initiated.
  7. You can see SQL the SQL statements initiated in the last 14 days in the history page.
  8. This will provides the detailed information about the query, which includes its status and duration, the number of rows returned, as well as the executing user and warehouse information.
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