Snowflake : Connect to Snowflake using Python with an RSA key

To connect to Snowflake using Python with an RSA key, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Generate RSA Key: Generate an RSA key pair using a tool such as PuTTYgen. This will result in two files: a private key file (with a .ppk extension) and a public key file (with a .pub extension).
  2. Upload Public Key to Snowflake: Log in to the Snowflake web UI and navigate to the “Account” section. From there, you can upload the public key file to Snowflake.
  3. Install Snowflake Connector: Install the Snowflake Connector for Python using the pip package manager. This will allow you to connect to Snowflake from your Python environment.
  4. Connect to Snowflake: Use the Snowflake Connector for Python to connect to Snowflake. When connecting, you will need to specify the private key file and the private key passphrase.

Here is a sample Python code to connect to Snowflake using an RSA key:

import snowflake.connector

conn = snowflake.connector.connect(

In the code above, you will need to replace the placeholders with the actual values for your Snowflake account and RSA key.

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