How to resolve snowflake Python Connection KeyError: ‘snowflake-connector-python’ – Step by Step procedure included

The “KeyError: ‘snowflake-connector-python” error message typically occurs when the Snowflake connector for Python is not properly installed or configured. Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that you have the Snowflake connector for Python installed on your machine. You can install it using pip by running the command “pip install snowflake-connector-python” in the terminal or command prompt.
  2. Verify that the connector is properly installed by running “pip list” and checking if “snowflake-connector-python” is listed among the installed packages.
  3. Check that you have the correct version of the connector. You can check the version by running “pip show snowflake-connector-python”
  4. Verify that you have the correct credentials (username, password, account, and warehouse) for connecting to Snowflake.
  5. Make sure that the host, port, and protocol specified in your connection string are correct for your Snowflake account.
  6. Verify that your Snowflake account is not locked or expired.
  7. Confirm that the correct role is set in the connection and that the specified role has the correct permissions.
  8. Check your python script and make sure that the correct connector is imported and used in the script.
  9. If you are still having issues, check the Snowflake documentation for more information on troubleshooting connection errors.

If you’re still facing the issue, you might want to try adding snowflake_ocsp_response_cache_dir in your connection string or check your network or firewall configurations.

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