What are the Data Processing Operators in Snowflake ?


Filter : Represents an operation that filters the records. Attributes:
Filter condition – the condition used to perform filtering.

Join : Combines two inputs on a given condition. Attributes:
Join Type – Type of join (e.g. INNER, LEFT OUTER, etc.).
Equality Join Condition – for joins which use equality-based conditions, it lists the expressions used for joining elements.
Additional Join Condition – some joins use conditions containing non-equality based predicates. They are listed here.

Aggregate : Groups input and computes aggregate functions. Can represent SQL constructs such as GROUP BY, as well as SELECT DISTINCT. Attributes:
Grouping Keys – if GROUP BY is used, this lists the expressions we group by.
Aggregate Functions – list of functions computed for each aggregate group, e.g. SUM.

GroupingSets : Represents constructs such as GROUPING SETS, ROLLUP and CUBE. Attributes:
Grouping Key Sets – list of grouping sets
Aggregate Functions – list of functions computed for each group, e.g. SUM.

WindowFunction : Computes window functions. Attributes:
Window Functions – list of window functions computed.

Sort : Orders input on a given expression. Attributes:
Sort keys – expression defining the sorting order.

SortWithLimit : Produces a part of the input sequence after sorting, typically a result of an ORDER BY ….. LIMIT ….. OFFSET ….. construct in SQL.
Sort keys – expression defining the sorting order.
Number of rows – number of rows produced.
Offset – position in the ordered sequence from which produced tuples are emitted.

Flatten : Processes VARIANT records, possibly flattening them on a specified path. Attributes:
input – the input expression used to flatten the data.

JoinFilter : Special filtering operation that removes tuples that can be identified as not possibly matching the condition of a Join further in the query plan.
Attributes: Original join ID – the join used to identify tuples that can be filtered out.

UnionAll : Concatenates two inputs. Attributes: none.

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