BigQuery : What are the different data types supported by BigQuery?

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BigQuery supports a wide variety of data types, including:

  1. Numeric types: INTEGER, FLOAT, NUMERIC
  2. String types: STRING, BYTES
  3. Date and time types: DATE, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP
  4. Boolean type: BOOL
  5. Array types: ARRAY
  6. Struct types: STRUCT
  7. Spatial types: GEOGRAPHY, POINT
  8. Numeric types include INTEGER for signed 32-bit integers and FLOAT for 64-bit floating-point numbers. NUMERIC is a high-precision decimal type that can be used to store exact decimal values.

String types include STRING for variable-length strings and BYTES for variable-length binary data.

Date and time types include DATE for storing dates (year, month, day) without time information, DATETIME for storing full date and time information, and TIMESTAMP for storing date and time with microsecond precision.

Boolean type BOOL stores true or false values.

Array types allow you to store multiple values of a single type in a single column.

Struct types allow you to store multiple fields of different types in a single column.

Spatial types include GEOGRAPHY, a type that stores geography data, and POINT, that stores point data in longitude/latitude coordinates.

You can also use the RECORD type to define columns with a nested and repeated fields.

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