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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a suite of services designed to work in harmony, providing a comprehensive data solution. Among these, BigQuery, Bigtable, and Datastore stand out for their unique strengths: BigQuery for its analytics prowess, Bigtable for its high-throughput NoSQL capacity, and Datastore for its serverless, automatic scaling NoSQL database. This article explores how to maximize the potential of these tools by using BigQuery’s integrations with Bigtable and Datastore, creating a seamless, powerful data infrastructure.

Understanding the Tools:

    • BigQuery: Google’s fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.
    • Bigtable: A scalable, fully-managed NoSQL wide-column database perfect for large analytical and operational workloads.
    • Datastore: A highly-scalable NoSQL database designed for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development.

BigQuery and Bigtable Integration: Bigtable is designed to handle massive workloads at consistent low latency and high throughput, so it’s common for enterprises to store main operational data in Bigtable and analyze them in BigQuery. Here’s how to query data stored in Bigtable from BigQuery:

Setting up Bigtable external data source:

Before querying Bigtable data, set it as an external data source in BigQuery using the ‘bq’ command-line tool or the GCP Console.


bq mkdef --source_format=BIGTABLE \
  '[PROJECT_ID]/instances/[INSTANCE_ID]/tables/[TABLE_NAME]' \

Querying Bigtable data from BigQuery:

Once the external data source is set, you can query data using standard SQL queries. Example:

SELECT user_id, user_name, activity
WHERE activity_date > '2022-01-01'

Performance considerations:

When querying Bigtable from BigQuery, full table scans might occur. To optimize performance, consider periodically exporting data from Bigtable to BigQuery native storage.

BigQuery and datastore Integration:

Datastore is ideal for web and mobile applications due to its serverless architecture and automatic scaling. However, for analytics, BigQuery is a more suitable tool. You can analyze Datastore data in BigQuery by exporting it to a Cloud Storage bucket and then to BigQuery.

Exporting Datastore to cloud storage:

You need to export your entities from Datastore to a Cloud Storage bucket. You can do this using the ‘gcloud’ command-line tool or the GCP Console. Example:

gcloud datastore export --namespaces="(default)" gs://[BUCKET_NAME]

Loading Data from cloud storage to BigQuery:

After exporting Datastore data to Cloud Storage, import it into BigQuery. This can also be done using the ‘bq’ command-line tool or from the GCP Console. Example:

bq load --source_format=DATASTORE_BACKUP [PROJECT_ID]:[DATASET].[TABLE] gs://[BUCKET_NAME]/*.overall_export_metadata

Querying Datastore data in BigQuery:

Once your Datastore data is in BigQuery, query it using BigQuery’s standard SQL queries.


SELECT customer_id, purchase_date, total_amount
WHERE purchase_date BETWEEN '2022-01-01' AND '2023-12-31'

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