BigQuery : How do you load data into BigQuery and what are the different options for loading data?

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BigQuery is a serverless, budget-friendly, multicloud data warehouse created to assist you in transforming large data into insightful business information. 

BigQuery supports several ways to load data:

  1. Stream API: This allows you to insert data into BigQuery in real-time.
  2. Batch API: You can upload data into BigQuery using a batch API in the form of JSON, Avro, Parquet, ORC or CSV.
  3. File uploads: You can upload data into BigQuery using the web UI, command-line tool, or API.
  4. Cloud Storage: You can transfer data directly from Cloud Storage into BigQuery.
  5. Cloud Datastore Backup: You can load data from Google Cloud Datastore Backup into BigQuery.
  6. Cloud Pub/Sub: You can load data into BigQuery by publishing messages to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic.
  7. External Data Sources: You can load data from external data sources like Google Drive, Google Sheets or Google Cloud SQL into BigQuery.

The best method for loading data into BigQuery depends on the volume, velocity and structure of the data, as well as the requirements for real-time processing.

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