Logical Problems

(1) A train leaves Station A at 10:00 AM traveling at 60 miles per hour. Another train leaves Station B at 11:00 AM traveling towards Station A on a parallel track at 70 miles per hour. If the two stations are 350 miles apart, at what time will the trains meet?

  • (a) 1:30 PM
  • (b) 2:00 PM
  • (c) 2:30 PM
  • (d) 3:00 PM

(2) In a family of six people, P is Q’s father, M is the only daughter of P and Q, R and S are the sons of M, and T is the brother of P. How is S related to T?

  • (a) Grandfather
  • (b) Brother
  • (c) Uncle
  • (d) Grandson

(3) A password consists of four different letters of the alphabet. How many such passwords can be formed if the first letter must be a vowel (A, E, I, O, U)?

  • (a) 11,440
  • (b) 19,800
  • (c) 21,600
  • (d) 25,920

(4) If all roses are red and some flowers in the garden are roses, then which of the following statements is definitely true?

  • (a) All flowers in the garden are red.
  • (b) Some flowers in the garden are red.
  • (c) All red flowers are roses.
  • (d) Some red flowers are in the garden.

(5) In a race, if you overtake the second person, what position are you in?

  • (a) First
  • (b) Second
  • (c) Second Overtaken
  • (d) Last

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