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Essential Part

(1) In a computer system, which component is essential for performing calculations and executing instructions? (a) Hard drive (b) Monitor…

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Logical Problems

(1) A train leaves Station A at 10:00 AM traveling at 60 miles per hour. Another train leaves Station B…

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Verbal Reasoning

(1) Emily always leaves for school at 7:30 AM and arrives at 8:00 AM. If she leaves 15 minutes late,…

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Matching Definitions

(1) Which situation is the best example of “Commuting Expenses” incurred by an employee? (a) Michael purchases a new briefcase…

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(1) Encyclopedia is to knowledge as atlas is to _____. (a) map (b) book (c) legend (d) geography Answer Correct…

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Verbal Classification

(1) Which word does NOT belong with the others? (a) square (b) rectangle (c) circle (d) triangle Answer Correct Answer:…

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Number Series

(1) Look at this series: 2, 6, 18, 54, … What number should come next? (a) 162 (b) 108 (c)…

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Letter series

(1) In the series A2Z, C4X, E8V, ____, I32R, what comes next? (a) G16T (b) H16T (c) G16T (d) G16U…

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Logical Reasoning

Number Series Letter Series Verbal Classification Analogies Matching Definitions Verbal Reasoning Essential Part Logical Problems

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