Essential Part

(1) In a computer system, which component is essential for performing calculations and executing instructions?

  • (a) Hard drive
  • (b) Monitor
  • (c) Processor
  • (d) Keyboard

(2) For photosynthesis to occur in plants, which element is essential?

  • (a) Nitrogen
  • (b) Carbon dioxide
  • (c) Oxygen
  • (d) Phosphorus

(3) In an automobile engine, what is the essential component responsible for converting fuel into mechanical energy?

  • (a) Steering wheel
  • (b) Transmission
  • (c) Engine cylinder
  • (d) Exhaust pipe

(4) In the context of a recipe for baking bread, which ingredient is an essential part of the dough-rising process?

  • (a) Sugar
  • (b) Yeast
  • (c) Salt
  • (d) Cinnamon

(5) Which of the following is an essential part of a camera that focuses incoming light onto the image sensor?

  • (a) Shutter button
  • (b) Lens
  • (c) Flash unit
  • (d) Tripod

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