Google Cloud – GCP all products and what each service is used for.

Google Cloud

These are the list of Google Cloud Products / Services

Cloud Functions Event-driven serverless functions
App Engine Managed app platform
Cloud Run Serverless for containerized applications
Kubemetes Engine (GKE) Managed Kubemetes/contalners
Compute Engine VMs, GPUs, TP Us, Disks
Bare Metal Solution Hardware for specialized workloads
Preemptible VMs Short-lived compute Instances
Shielded VMs Hardened VMs
Sole-tenant Nodes Dedicated physical servers
VMware Engine VMware on Compute Engine
Cloud Filestore Managed NFS server
Cloud Storage Multi-class multi-region object storage
Persistent Disk Block storage tor VMs
Local SSD VM locally attached SSDS
Cloud Blgtable Petahyte-scale, low-latency, non-relational
Cloud Flrestore Serverless NoSQL document DB
Cloud Memoiystore Managed Redlsand Memcached
Cloud Spanner Horizontally scalable relational DB
Cloud SQL Managed MySQL, Po stye SQL, SQLServer
Database Migration Sendee Migrate to Cloud SQL
DB Insights SQL Inspector
Big Query Data warehouse/analytics
BlgOuery 61 Engine In-memoiy analytics engine
Big Query ML BlgOuery model training/serving
BlgOuery GIS BlgOuery geo spatial fuidlons/support
BlgOuery DTS Automated data Ingestion sendee
Connected Sheets Spreadsheet Interface tor (blgjdata
Cloud Composer Managed workflow orchestration service
Data Fusion Graphically manage data pipelines
Dataflow Stream/batch data processing
DataprephyTdtacta Visual data wrangling
Dataproc Managed Spark andHadoop
Datastream Change data capture/replication service
Pub/Sub Global real-time messaging
Data Catalog Metadata management sendee
Data Studio Collaborative data exploratlon/dashboardlng
Looker Enterprise Bl and Analytics
Public Datasets Hosted data In BlgQuery/GCS
Anthos Enterprise hybrld/multl-cloud plattorm
Anthos Clusters Hybrld/on-prem Kubemetes Engine
Anthos Conflg Management Policy and security automation
Anthos Sendee Mesh Managed sendee mesh (Istto)
Cloud Run for Anthos Senderless development tor Anthos
GCP Marketplace tor Anthos Pre-conflgured containerized apps
Migrate tor Anthos Migrate VMS to Kubemetes Engine
Operations Monitoring, logging, troubleshooting
Traffic Director Sendee mesh traffic management
Aplgee API Management API management, development, security
Vertex Al Managed platform tor ML
AutoML Custom low-code models Al Plattorm
Vertex Al Data Labeling Data labeling by humans
Deep Learning VM Images (DLVM) Precondgured VMs tor deep learning
Vertex Al Workbench Jupyter-based environment for Data Science
Vertex Al Deep Learning Containers Preconfigured containers for deep learning
Vertex Al Matching Engine Vector similarity searches
Vertex Al Pipelines Hosted ML workflows
Vertex Al Predictions Autoscaled model serving
Vertex Al Training Distributed Al training
Vertex Al Edge Manager Deploy monitor edge Inferences
Vertex Explainable Al Understand ML model predictions
Vertex Al Feature Store Managed ML feature repository
Vertex ML Metadata Artifact, lineage, and execution tracking
Vertex Al Model Monitoring Monitor models for skew/drift
Vertex Al Tensorboard Managed TensorBoard for ML-experlment WsuallzatJon
Vertex Al Vizier Black-box hyperparameter tuning
Cloud Speech-To-Text API Convert audio to text
Cloud Talent Solutions API Job search with ML
Cloud Text-To-Speedi API Convert text to audio
Cloud TPU Hardware acceleration for ML
Cloud Translation API Language detection and translation
Cloud Video Intelligence API Scene-level video annotation
Cloud Vision API Image recognition and classification
Contact Center Al Alin your contact center
Dlalogtlow Create conversational Interfaces
Document Al Analyze, classify, seardi documents
Recommendations Al Create custom recommendations
Vision Product Search Visual search for products
Carrier Peering Peer through a carrier
Direct Peering Peer with GCP
Dedicated Interconnect Dedicated private network connection
Partner Interconnect Connect on-prem network to VPC
Cloud Armor DDoS protection and WAF
Cloud CON Content delivery network
Cloud DNS Programmable DNS senrkrg
Cloud Load Balancing Multi-region load distribution/balancing
Cloud NAT Network address translation sendee
Cloud Router VPC/on-prem network route exchange (BGP)
Cloud VPN (HA) VPN (Virtual private network connection)
Network Service Tiers Price vs performance tiering
Network Telemetiy Network telemetry sendee
Traffic Director Sendee mesh traffic management
Google Cloud Service Mesh Sendee-aware network management
Virtual Private Cloud Software defined networking
VPC Sendee Controls Security perimeters tor API-based services
Network Intelligence Center Network monitoring and topology
Access Transparency Audit cloud provider access
Assured Workloads Workload compliance controls
Binary Authorization Kubemetes deploy-tlme security
Certificate Authority Service Managed private CAs
Cloud Asset Inventory All assets, one place
Cloud Audit Logs Audit trails for GCP
Cloud DLP Classify and redact sensitive data
Cloud HSM Hardware security module sendee
Cloud EKM External keys you control
Cloud 1AM Resource access control
Cloud Identity Manage users, devkes 1 apps
Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy Identity-based app access
Cloud KMS Hosted key management service
Cloud Resource Manager Cloud project metadata management
Security Command Center Secudty management t data risk platform
Cloud Security Scanner App engine secirtty scanner
Confidential Computing Encrypt data In-use
Context-aware Access End-user attribute-based access control
Event Threat Detection Scans tor suspicious activity
Managed Sendee tor Mcrosoft  
Active Directory Managed Mcrosoft Active Directory
Secret Manager Store and manage secrets
Secudty Key Enforcement Two-step key verification
Shielded VMs Hardened VMs
Titan Security Key Two-factor authentication (2FA) device
VPC Sendee Controls VPC data constraints
Chronicle Find threats from security telemetry
VlrusTotal Research/hunt for Malware
Risk Manager Evaluate organization’s security posture
reCPATCHAEnterpdse Protection against hot/spam/abuse
BeyondCorp Enterprise Zero trust secure access
Access Context Manager Fine-grained, attribute based access-control
Weh Security Scanner Identities web-app security vulnerabilities
Cloud Debugger Live production debugging
Error Reporting App error reporting
Cloud Logging Centralized logging
Cloud Monitoring Infrastructure and application monitoring
Cloud Profiler CPU and heap profiling
Cloud Trace App latency Insights
Cloud Build Continuous Integration/delivery platform
Cloud Deploy Deployment pipeline for GKE
Artifact Registry Universal package manager
Cloud Source Repositories Hosted private git repos
Container Registry Private container reglstryVstorage
Eventarc Event-driven Cloud Run sendees
Cloud Scheduler Managed cron Job service
Cloud Tasks Asynchronous task execution
Cloud Workflows HTTP services orchestration
Pub/Sub Global real-time messaging
API Analytics API metrics
API Monetization Monetize APIs
Aplgee API Platform Develop, secure, monitor APIs
API Gateway Fully managed API Gateway
Aplgee Hybrid Manage hybrld/multkloud API environments
Aplgee Sense API protection from attacks
Cloud Endpoints Cloud API gateway
Developer Portal API management portal
Marketplace Partner 8 open source marketplace
AppSheet No-code App creation
Cloud loT Core Manage devices, Ingest data
Google Cloud Game Servers Orchestrate Agones clusters
Cloud Healthcare API Healthcare system GCP Interoperability
Aplgee Healthcare API* Healthcare system GCP Interoperability
Healthcare Natural Language Al Real-time Insights from medla-text
Cloud Lite Sciences Manage, process, transform blomedlcal-data
Vision Product Search Visual search tor products
Recommendations Al Create custom recommendations
Visual Inspection Al Train/deploy models to detect defects
VM Manager Manage OS VM Fleets
Cloud APIs APIs for cloud sendees
Cloud Billing API Programmatically manage GCP billing
Cloud Billing Billing and cost management tools
Cloud Console Web-based management console
Cloud Deployment Manager Templated Infrastructure deployment
Cloud Mobile App lOS/Androld GCP manager app
Private Catalog Internal Solutions Catalog
Cloud Code for IntellU IntellU GCP tools
Cloud Code for VS Code VS Code GCP tools
Cloud Code Cloud native IDE extensions
Cloud Tools for Eclipse Eclipse GCP tools
Cloud Tools for Visual Studio Visual Studio GCP tools
Gradle App Engine Plugin Gradle App Engine plugin
Maven App Engine Plugin Maven App Engine plugin
Cloud SDK CU for GCP
Cloud Shell Browser-based termlnal/CLI
BlgOuery Data Transfer Service Bulk Import analytics data
Cloud Data Transfer Data migration tools/CLI
Google Transfer Appliance Rentable data transport box
Storage Transfer Service Onllne/on-premlses data transfer
Migrate for Anthos Migrate VMs to GKE containers
Migrate for Compute Engine Compute Engine migration tools
Migrate from Amazon Redshlft Migrate from Redshlft to BlgOuery
Migrate from Teradata Migrate from Teradata to BlgOuery
Cloud Foundation Toolkit Infrastructure as Code templates
KF Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes
Directions API Get directions between locations
Distance Matrix API Multl-orlgln/destlnatlon travel times
Geococflng API Convert address to/from coordinates
Geolocatlon API Derive location without GPS
Maps Embed API Display Iframe embedded maps
Maps JavaScript API Dynamic web maps
Maps SDK for Android Maps for Android apps
Maps SDK for I0S Maps for lOSapps
Maps Static API Display static map Images
Maps SDK for Unity Unity SDK for games
Maps URLs URL scheme for maps
Places API Rest-based Places features
Places Library, Maps JS API Places features for web
Places SDK for Android Places features for Android
Places SDK for I0S Places feature for I0S
Roads API Convert coordinates to roads
Street View Static API Static street view Images
Street View Service Street view for JavaScript
Time Zone API Convert coordinates to tlmezone

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