Connecting dbt cloud or dbt core to databricks – Step by step procedure


Here is a step-by-step procedure for connecting dbt Cloud or dbt Core to Databricks:

  1. Create a new Databricks workspace, or use an existing one.
  2. In the Databricks workspace, navigate to the “Workspace” menu and select “API Tokens.”
  3. Create a new API token and copy it to your clipboard.
  4. In dbt Cloud, navigate to the “Settings” menu and select “Connections.”
  5. Select “Databricks” as the connection type.
  6. Enter the Databricks URL, API token, and your Databricks username.
  7. Test the connection to ensure it is successful.
  8. Once the connection is established, you can now use dbt to run data transformation on your Databricks cluster.

Note: If you are using dbt Core, you will also need to install the Databricks package.

You can install by running pip install databricks-cli

You need to configure the Databricks CLI by running databricks configure --token and enter the URL, token and username.

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