DBT : how to set up and configure DBT Standalone


DBT (Data Build Tool) Standalone is a tool for managing SQL transformations. To set it up and configure, follow these steps:

  1. Install the DBT CLI (Command Line Interface) on your machine by following the instructions in the DBT documentation.
  2. Create a new DBT project using the “dbt init ” command in your terminal or command prompt. This will create a new directory with default configuration files.
  3. Configure the database connection by updating the “profiles.yml “file in your project directory with the connection details of your database.
  4. Write your SQL transformations as models in the models directory in your project.
  5. Test your models using the “dbt test “command.
  6. Deploy your models to your database using the” dbt run “command.
  7. Schedule your DBT runs by updating the” dbt_project.yml “file in your project directory with the desired schedule or by integrating with your CI/CD pipeline.
  8. Monitor your DBT runs and their results by using the” dbt docs generate ” command to generate a documentation site and by using the” dbt status “command to check the status of your models.

It is recommended to also follow best practices, such as version control and code review, to ensure the quality and reliability of your DBT transformations.

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