Informatica interview questions

21. How to create a Priority queue schedule in Autosys ?
Have an extra Autosys job with a shell script that copies the file in certain order. Like:
Create input folder e.g. MyFolder
Let’s call your current Autosys input folder “the InputFolder” .
Have Autosys monitor it and for any file run a, every minute should copy one file from MyFolder to InputFolder in desired order only if InputFolder is empty

22. Is it possible to create dynamic sql operator in Informatica using SQL Transformation ?
The SQL Editor window of SQL Transform allows to use parameter binding (?parameter?) and string substitution (~string~). To change the data in the query, configure the query parameters and bind the query parameters to input ports in the transformation. When you bind a parameter to an input port, identify the port by name in the query. The SQL Editor encloses the port name in question marks (?). The query data changes based on the value of the data in the port.

23. How to do hive Updates using Informatica ?
Identify all the records which exist only in the target and the records which exist ONLY in the stage data.
Merge these two and load them into a temporary table.
Finally re-name temporary table to the actual target table name.

24. What is a target load order?
A target load order group is the collection of source qualifiers, transformations, and targets linked together in a mapping. You can set the target load order if you want to maintain referential integrity when inserting, deleting, or updating tables that have the primary key and foreign key constraints.

25. What are the things that you can do with source qualifier transformation ?
Joins: You can join two or more tables from the same source database.
Filter rows: You can filter the rows from the source database.
Sorting input: You can sort the source data by specifying the number for sorted ports.
Distinct rows: You can get distinct rows from the source by choosing the ‘Select Distinct’ property.

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