Artificial Intelligence interview questions

Artificial Intelligence

21. What is alternate, artificial, compound and natural key?
Alternate Key: Excluding primary keys all candidate keys are known as Alternate Keys. Compound Key: When there is no single data element that uniquely defines the occurrence within a construct, then integrating multiple elements to create a unique identifier for the construct is known as Compound Key.

22. What does a hybrid Bayesian network contain?
Hybrid Bayesian networks contain both discrete and continuous conditional probability distributions as numerical inputs. A commonly used type of hybrid Bayesian network is the conditional linear Gaussian (CLG) model. In CLG models, the distribution of a continuous variable is a linear Gaussian function of its continuous parents. One limitation/

23. When an algorithm is considered completed?
An algorithm is complete if it guarantees to return a correct answer for any arbitrary input (or, if no answer exists, it guarantees to return failure).

24. Mention the difference between breadth first search and best first search in artificial intelligence?
Best-first search is informed whereas Breadth-first search is uninformed, as in one has a metal detector and the other doesn’t! Breadth-first search is complete, meaning it’ll find a solution if one exists, and given enough resources will find the optimal solution.

25. What are frames and scripts in “Artificial Intelligence”?
A frame is a record like structure which consists of a collection of attributes and its values to describe an entity in the world. Frames are the AI data structure which divides knowledge into substructures by representing stereotypes situations. It consists of a collection of slots and slot values.
A script is a structured representation describing a stereotyped sequence of events in a particular context. Scripts are used in natural language understanding systems to organize a knowledge base in terms of the situations that the system should understand.

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