Artificial Intelligence interview questions

Artificial Intelligence

41. List the applications of fuzzy logic.
Altitude control of spacecraft.
Satellite altitude control.
Flow and mixture regulation in aircraft deicing vehicles.

42. What would you do if data in a data set were missing or corrupted?
1- Remove rows with missing values – This works well if 1) the values are missing randomly (see Vinay Prabhu’s answer for more details on this) 2) if you don’t lose too much of the dataset after doing so.
2- Build another predictive model to predict the missing values – This could be a whole project in itself, so simple techniques are usually used here.
3- Use a model that can incorporate missing data – Like a random forest, or any tree-based method.

43. Why is game theory important to AI?
Game theory is crucial in deep learning systems as well, to facilitate some of the important capabilities that multi-agent systems require to enable different AI programs to interact in order to reach a goal. … In reinforcement learning, multiple agents interact with each other within the gaming dimensions.

44. In your opinion, how will AI impact application development?
Apps with AI are the best tool that can meet customers changing needs and expectations. Moreover, artificial intelligence & machine learning enable developers to develop application with high-grade interactivity that can organize and analyze data and create a top-notch experience for user engagement.

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