What Python data type does the Pymongo function call Find_one () return select one?

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The find_one() function in the PyMongo library, which is used to interact with MongoDB databases in Python, returns a dictionary-like object called a “BSON” (Binary JSON) object.

BSON is a lightweight, binary, JSON-like format that is designed to be more efficient than JSON when working with MongoDB. BSON objects are similar to Python dictionaries, and can be used in the same way. They have key-value pairs and can be accessed using the square brackets notation like a dictionary.


from pymongo import MongoClient

# Connect to a MongoDB instance
client = MongoClient()

# Get a reference to a collection
collection = client.test_database.test_collection

# Find a single document
document = collection.find_one()

# Print the document
In the above example, the find_one() function is used to find a single document from the “test_collection” collection in the “test_database” database, and it will return a BSON object.
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