Python : What is the advantage of giving arrow (->) arrow notation in function ?

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Using the -> arrow notation in function definitions provides type hints, which have several advantages:

  1. Readability: Type hints make the code more readable by explicitly specifying the expected input and output types of a function. This can help other developers understand how to use your functions correctly.
  2. Documentation: Type hints serve as self-documentation, reducing the need for additional comments or explanations about the types of input arguments and return values. This can make the code cleaner and more concise.
  3. Editor Support: Many code editors and IDEs (like PyCharm, Visual Studio Code) provide enhanced code completion, error checking, and refactoring capabilities when type hints are used. This can help you catch potential type-related issues early in the development process and improve your overall productivity.
  4. Static Type Checking: Tools like mypy or pyright can be used to perform static type checking, verifying that your code adheres to the specified type hints. This can help catch potential type-related issues before your code is executed, reducing the likelihood of runtime errors.

It’s important to note that type hints are optional in Python and do not affect the actual runtime behavior of your code. They are primarily intended to improve code readability, documentation, and development tool support.

Sample code : you need to import the List class from the typing module. 
from typing import List
def employee() -> List[str]:
    # Your function implementation
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