Amazon RDS for MySQL’s Multi-Source Replication Feature

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Amazon RDS for MySQL has introduced multi-source replication capabilities, offering significant enhancements in database management. This feature allows a single RDS for MySQL instance to act as a replication target for up to 15 source database instances. It provides a streamlined process for merging data from multiple shards into one target or consolidating data for analytics and long-term storage.

Moreover, the multi-source replication target instance supports the configuration of read replicas, enhancing read scaling. This functionality is available in specific versions of RDS for MySQL, namely versions 5.7.44, 8.0.35, and later minor versions. The implementation of multi-source replication in RDS for MySQL involves various replication methods, including row-based, statement-based, and mixed replication. The choice of method depends on specific use cases and the nature of the SQL statements being executed.

To get started with a new RDS for MySQL DB instance, users can utilize the Amazon RDS Management Console or the AWS CLI, offering flexibility and ease of use in database management.

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