Selecting words

(1) Select the word that is the exact OPPOSITE of “PROSPEROUS”:

  • (a) Wealthy
  • (b) Thriving
  • (c) Flourishing
  • (d) Impoverished

(2) The antonym of “COPIOUS” is:

  • (a) Abundant
  • (b) Plentiful
  • (c) Sparse
  • (d) Generous

(3) What is the antonym of “EFFICACIOUS”?

  • (a) Effective
  • (b) Potent
  • (c) Ineffective
  • (d) Powerful

Certainly! Here are the next 7 multiple-choice questions on “Selecting Words” with different patterns:

(4) Choose the word that best fits the blank in the sentence:
“The detective was known for his ________ in solving complex cases.”

  • (a) Incompetence
  • (b) Ambiguity
  • (c) Confusion
  • (d) Proficiency

(5) Which of the following words is an antonym of “HARMONY”?

  • (a) Agreement
  • (b) Accord
  • (c) Discord
  • (d) Concord

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