Effortlessly Manage Your Inbox: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Mail VIPs on iPhone

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Understanding Mail VIPs

VIPs in the Mail app are a way to separate important emails from the rest of your inbox. When you designate someone as a VIP, emails from them appear in a separate VIP mailbox, making them easier to find. This feature is particularly useful for keeping track of emails from family members, close friends, colleagues, or anyone else whose messages are a top priority.

How to Set Up Mail VIPs on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Mail App

Start by opening the Mail app on your iPhone. You’ll find this app pre-installed on all iPhones, symbolized by an envelope icon.

Step 2: Choose a Contact

Navigate to an email from the contact you want to add to your VIPs. This can be done by browsing your inbox or using the search function.

Step 3: Mark as VIP

Once you’ve opened an email from the desired contact, tap on their name at the top of the email to open their contact card. Here, you’ll see the option to ‘Add to VIP’. Tap on this to mark them as a VIP.

Step 4: Accessing VIPs

After adding contacts to your VIP list, you’ll notice a new VIP mailbox in the Mail app. This mailbox will directly display emails from your VIP contacts, simplifying your email management.

Step 5: Customize Notifications

You can also customize notifications for VIP emails. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’ > ‘Mail’. Here, you can adjust how you receive alerts for VIP emails, ensuring you’re immediately notified of important messages.

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