Hive interview questions

64. Can a partition be archived ? What are the advantages and Disadvantages ?
Yes. A partition can be archived. Advantage is it decreases the number of files stored in namenode and the archived file can be queried using hive. The disadvantage is it will cause less efficient query and does not offer any space savings.

65. What is a generic UDF in hive?
It is a UDF which is created using a java program to server some specific need not covered under the existing functions in Hive. It can detect the type of input argument programmatically and provide appropriate response.

66. The following statement failed to execute. What can be the cause?
LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH ‘${env:HOME}/country/state/’
The local inpath should contain a file and not a directory. The $env:HOME is a valid variable available in the hive environment.

67. How do you specify the table creator name when creating a table in Hive?
The TBLPROPERTIES clause is used to add the creator name while creating a table.
The TBLPROPERTIES is added like −
TBLPROPERTIES(‘creator’= ‘Joan’)

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