Amazon API Gateway interview questions

11. Which features come standard with HTTP APIs from API Gateway?
HTTP APIs come standard with CORS support, OIDC and OAuth2 support for authentication and authorization, and automatic deployments on stages.

12. How can I import an OpenAPI definition to create a HTTP API?
You can import an API definition using OpenAPI 3. It will result in the creation of routes, integrations, and API models. For more information on importing OpenAPI definitions

13. What is WebSocket routing in Amazon API Gateway?
WebSocket routing in Amazon API Gateway is used to correctly route the messages to a specific integration. You specify a routing key and integration backend to invoke when defining your WebSocket API. The routing key is an attribute in the message body. A default integration can also be set for non-matching routing keys. Refer to documentation to learn more about routing.

14. How can I send messages to connected clients from the backend service?
When a new client is connected to the WebSocket API, a unique URL, called the callback URL, is created for that client. You can use this callback URL to send messages to the client from the backend service.

15. What is the maximum message size supported for WebSocket APIs?
The maximum supported message size is 128 KB. Refer to the documentation for other limits around WebSocket APIs.

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