Converting numbers or binary strings into their corresponding hexadecimal using PySpark.

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PySpark provides, the hex function stands out when it comes to data transformations related to hexadecimal representation. This article sheds light on its utility, practical examples, and real-world use-cases. In PySpark, the hex function is used to convert numbers or binary strings into their corresponding hexadecimal representation.

Example of converting numbers to hexadecimal:

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
from pyspark.sql.functions import hex
spark = SparkSession.builder \
    .appName("Learning @ PySpark Hex Function") \
data = [(10,), (255,), (1000,)]
df = spark.createDataFrame(data, ["numbers"])
df.withColumn("hex_value", hex(df["numbers"])).show()


|     10|        A|
|    255|       FF|
|   1000|      3E8|

Use Case: MAC address transformation

One practical scenario where hex might be useful is when dealing with MAC addresses. Assume you’ve been given a dataset of MAC addresses without the usual colon (“:”) delimiters, and you’re tasked with extracting and converting each byte.

Let’s simulate this:

data = [("AABBCCDDEEFF",), ("112233445566",)]
df_mac = spark.createDataFrame(data, ["MAC_Address"])
# Extract and convert each byte pair
for i in range(6):
    df_mac = df_mac.withColumn(f"byte_{i+1}", hex(df_mac["MAC_Address"].substr(i*2+1, 2)))


| MAC_Address|byte_1|byte_2|byte_3|byte_4|byte_5|byte_6|
|AABBCCDDEEFF|  4141|  4242|  4343|  4444|  4545|  4646|
|112233445566|  3131|  3232|  3333|  3434|  3535|  3636|

While this example is a simplification, in actual network datasets, the hex function can be essential in data transformation and cleaning tasks.

When and where to use hex?

Data Cleaning and Transformation: Especially in IT and network datasets, where hexadecimal representation is common.

Hashing and Encryption: When dealing with hashes or encrypted data, the hex function can aid in data transformation.

Binary Data: If your dataset contains raw binary data or BLOBs, converting it into a human-readable hex format can be useful for inspection or storage.

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