Java Scripts String Methods

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  1. trimEnd() : Remove whitespace from the end of a string using JavaScript
  2. trimRight() : Remove whitespace from the end of a string using JavaScript
  3. substring() : Extracting characters from a string, between two specified indices using JavaScript
  4. slice() : Extracting a section of a string and returns it as a new string in JavaScript
  5. split() : Dividing a string object into an ordered list of substrings and returns them in an array in JavaScript
  6. charCodeAt() : How to returns an integer between 0 and 65535 representing the UTF-16 code unit at the given index in JavaScript
  7. charAt() : How to extract single character located at a specified offset in the string using JavaScript
  8. padStart() : How to pads the current string with another string in JavaScript : Add 0’s to the left of a character.
  9. trimStart() : Removing whitespace from the beginning of a string using JavaScript
  10. trim() : Removing whitespace from both ends of a string using JavaScript
  11. concat() : Merging two or more strings using JavaScript
  12. toLowerCase() : Converting the entire characters in a string to lowercase
  13. toUpperCase() : Convert a string to its uppercase form using JavaScript
  14. replaceAll() : Replacing of all occurrences of a specified string or regular expression using JavaScript
  15. string.length : Finding string length in JavaScript

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