How to choose the right database for your service – SQL vs NoSQL – Diagrammatic explanation

  1. Structured data is for tabular datastores.
  2. Semi-structured data is for NoSQL.
  3. Unstructured data is for Blob Storage. [ We will say blob storage as data store not as database ].

sql vs nosql

Notes : 

a. Provided we don’t have many requirements for the execution of analytical queries, Dynamo / CosmosDB makes more sense even if the data is structured (Changes in schema aren’t expected in the near future). The flexibility of DynamoDB extends to structured data as well. Simply ignore normalization and maintain all data in a single flat table.
b. We need a secondary OLAP Relational database and regularly feed data into it from the original semi-structured DB after some transformation if the data is semi-structured but we also need to conduct advanced analytical queries.

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