DNS resolution problem : Runner is unable to resolve the domain name ‘git.com’

When you are trying to run the job through the runner, the runner is unable to resolve the domain name ‘git.wwe.com’ to its associated IP address. Here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Check DNS configuration on the Runner: Make sure your runner is configured to use the correct DNS servers. It could be that the runner isn’t using the same DNS servers as the host machine or doesn’t have access to the DNS servers.
  2. Add an entry to /etc/hosts: This is a workaround, not a proper solution, but it can be used for testing purposes. If you know the IP address for ‘git.wwe.com’, you could add an entry in the /etc/hosts file on the runner to manually map the domain name to its IP address. Here is an example:
    <IP_ADDRESS> git.wwe.com
  3. Replace <IP_ADDRESS> with the actual IP address of ‘git.wwe.com’. Be aware that this solution is not advised for the long term, because if the IP of ‘git.wwe.com’ changes, you would have to manually update it.
  4. Use IP Address Directly: Another workaround is to use the IP address directly in the Git URL. However, this suffers from the same problem as above – if the IP changes, you will need to update it.
  5. Network Restrictions: Check to see if there are any network restrictions (firewalls, network policies, etc.) that could be blocking the runner’s access to the ‘git.wwe.com’ domain.
  6. Check Git configuration: If the above solutions don’t help, there might be a problem with the Git configuration. Check the Git config file (.gitconfig) for any misconfigurations. Make sure the URL in the .gitmodules file is correct.
  7. Debug the Runner: Finally, if none of the above solutions work, you may want to debug the runner. You could try running a job with debug tracing enabled (export GIT_TRACE=1) to get a better idea of what’s happening under the hood when Git is trying to fetch from the remote repository.

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