Understanding Apache Airflow DAG Commands : All Apache DAGs command with example

Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow provides a robust command-line interface (CLI) to interact with DAGs, enhancing the user’s experience, automation capabilities, and troubleshooting methods. Here, we’ll outline the essential DAG-related commands, describe their functions, and offer sample commands using the DAG named freshers_daily_viewership.

1. list_dags

Description: Lists all the available DAGs in the Airflow environment.

airflow list_dags

2. list_tasks

Description: Lists all the tasks within a specified DAG.

airflow list_tasks freshers_daily_viewership

3. list_tasks with –tree

Description: Shows all tasks in a tree format to understand the sequence and dependencies within a DAG.

airflow list_tasks freshers_daily_viewership --tree

4. test

Description: Executes a specific task within a DAG in test mode. It doesn’t record the state of the task. Useful for debugging.

airflow test freshers_daily_viewership save_to_snowflake_task 2023-08-24

5. backfill

Description: Executes tasks for a range of execution dates as if they had been run in the past.

airflow backfill freshers_daily_viewership -s 2023-08-01 -e 2023-08-23

6. trigger_dag

Description: Manually triggers a DAG run.

airflow trigger_dag freshers_daily_viewership

7. pause

Description: Pauses a DAG, preventing it from being executed even if scheduled to run.

airflow pause freshers_daily_viewership

8. unpause

Description: Resumes a paused DAG, allowing its tasks to be scheduled and executed.

airflow unpause freshers_daily_viewership

9. next_execution

Description: Finds the next execution date (in local time) for a given DAG.

airflow next_execution freshers_daily_viewership

10. dag_state

Description: Shows the status of a specific DAG run.

airflow dag_state freshers_daily_viewership 2023-08-23

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