Locating the subfolder of an Apache Airflow DAG

Apache Airflow

In Apache Airflow, when you have multiple subfolders within your DAGs folder, it can sometimes be challenging to locate the specific subfolder where a DAG file is located, especially if you have many DAGs and a complex folder structure. To find out which subfolder a specific DAG file belongs to, you can use the following steps:

Use the airflow list_dags command to list all the DAGs registered with your Airflow instance. This command provides information about DAGs, including their file paths.

airflow list_dags

This command will display a list of all the DAGs and their corresponding file paths. Look for your DAG, “freshers_viewership_daily,” in the list.

Once you identify your DAG in the list, note down the file path provided in the “File” column.

The file path will typically include the subfolder(s) where the DAG file is located. You can visually inspect the path to determine the subfolder(s) in which your DAG resides.

For example, if the airflow list_dags command output shows:

DAG ID                             | File
freshers_viewership_daily          | /mnt/freshers/dags/daily_dags/freshers_viewership_daily.py

In this case, the DAG file “freshers_viewership_daily.py” is located in the “daily_dags” within the DAGs folder.

By using the list_dags command and examining the file path, you can identify the subfolder(s) where your specific DAG file is located.

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