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Question 16.A man walks at a speed of 5 kmph for the first half of his journey and then increases his speed by 10% for the second half. If he covers a total distance of 20 km, how long does he take to complete the journey?

  • (a)4.10 hours
  • (b)3.15 hours
  • (c) 3.82 hours
  • (d)2.25 hours

Question 17.A train covers a distance of 300 km in 4 hours. If the speed of the train is increased by 20%, how long will it take to cover the same distance?

  • (a) 3.33 hours
  • (b)3.99 hours
  • (c)4.33 hours
  • (d)4.99 hours

Question 18.A car covers a distance of 120 km in 2 hours. If the car stops for 10 minutes every hour, what is its average speed in km per hour?

  • (a) 61.25 km/h.
  • (b) 33.91 km/h.
  • (c) 43.89 km/h.
  • (d) 51.5 km/h.

Question 19.A cyclist travels at a speed of 18 kmph for the first 3 hours and then reduces the speed by 15%. How far will the cyclist travel in the next 4 hours?

  • (a)51.10 km
  • (b)41.10 km
  • (c) 61.2 km
  • (d)71.20 km

Question 20.A boat can cover a certain distance downstream in 6 hours. If the speed of the boat is increased by 40%, how long will it take to cover the same distance downstream?

  • (a)3.25 hours
  • (b)4.10 hours
  • (c) 4.29 hours
  • (d)5.25 hours

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