Data communication interview questions

26. What is Multipoint Connection ?
A multi point connection is a link between three or more devices. It is also known as Multi-drop configuration. The networks having multi point configuration are called Broadcast Networks. In broadcast network, a message or a packet sent by any machine is received by all other machines in a network. The packet contains address field that specifies the receiver. Upon receiving a packet, every machine checks the address field of the packet.

27. What are the different Analog to Analog Conversion Techniques ?
Analog to analog conversion can be done in three ways
Amplitude Modulation
Frequency Modulation
Phase Modulation

28. What is Wavelength Division Multiplexing ?
WDM is a technique in fiber optic transmission that enables the use of multiple light wavelengths (or colors) to send data over the same medium. Two or more colors of light can travel on one fiber and several signals can be transmitted in an optical wave guide at differing wavelengths.

29. What is Guided medium?
Guided media is a wired communication it transmits data either using twisted pair cable, coaxial cable or fibre optics; it requires maintenance charge. The unguided media is a wireless communication it transmits signal by broadcasting it through the air.

30. What is a Virtual Circuit Network ?
A virtual circuit (VC) is a means of transporting data over a packet-switched network in such a way that it appears as though there is a dedicated physical link between the source and destination end systems of this data. The term virtual circuit is synonymous with virtual connection.

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