Data communication interview questions

16. What are the different Digital to Analog Conversion Techniques ?
Amplitude Shift Keying
Frequency Shift Keying
Phase Shift Keying
Quadrature Phase Shift Keying

17. Write about Frequency Division Multiplexing ?
Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) is a networking technique in which multiple data signals are combined for simultaneous transmission via a shared communication medium. FDM uses a carrier signal at a discrete frequency for each data stream and then combines many modulated signals.

18. What are the different types of Switching Techniques ?
There are basically three types of switching methods are made available. Out of three methods, circuit switching and packet switching are commonly used but the message switching has been opposed out in the general communication procedure but is still used in the networking application.
1) Circuit Switching
2) Packet Switching
3) Message Switching

19. Write about Flow control and Error Control ?
Flow control coordinates that amount of data that can be sent before receiving an acknowledgement. It is one of the most important duties of the data link layer and tells the sender how much data to send. Flow control makes the sender wait for some sort of an acknowledgement (ACK) before continuing to send more data.

20. What is a bridge in networking ?
A network bridge, also known as an Ethernet bridge, connects two segments of a network together. The segments are not independent entities, but are owned and managed by the same organization. The purpose of the bridge is to divide a network into manageable sections.

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