Amazon Athena interview questions

26. How is Amazon Athena priced?
Amazon Athena is priced per query and charges based on the amount of data scanned by the query. You can store data in a variety of formats on Amazon S3. If you compress your data, partition, or convert it to columnar storage formats, you pay less because you scan less data. Converting data to the columnar format allows Athena to read only the columns it needs to process the query.

27. Why do I get charged less when I use a columnar format?
Amazon Athena charges you for the amount of data scanned per query. Compressing your data allows Amazon Athena to scan less data. Converting your data to columnar formats allows Athena to selectively read only required columns to process the data. Partitioning your data also allows Athena to restrict the amount of data scanned. This leads to cost savings and improved performance.

28. Are there any additional charges associated with Amazon Athena?
Amazon Athena queries data directly from Amazon S3, so your source data is billed at S3 rates. When Amazon Athena runs a query, it stores the results in an S3 bucket of your choice and you are billed at standard S3 rates for these result sets.

29. What can I do with Amazon Athena?
Amazon Athena helps you analyze data stored in Amazon S3. We can use Athena to run ad-hoc queries using ANSI SQL, without the need to aggregate or load the data into Athena. Amazon Athena can process unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sets. Examples include CSV, JSON, Avro or columnar data formats such as Apache Parquet and Apache ORC. Amazon Athena integrates with Amazon QuickSight for easy visualization. You can also use Amazon Athena to generate reports or to explore data with business intelligence tools or SQL clients, connected via an ODBC or JDBC driver.

30. How do you access Amazon Athena?
Amazon Athena can be accessed via the AWS Management Console, an API, or an ODBC or JDBC driver. You can programmatically run queries, add tables or partitions using the ODBC or JDBC driver.

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