General Knowledge – Basic – 057

8671 : Founder of Salvation Army?
Ans : William Booth

8672 : Which was the first known Kathaprasangham?
Ans : Markhandeya Charitham performed by Sathyadevan in the model of Harikatha

8673 : Who is the author of “Curtain Raisers”?
Ans : Natwar Singh

8674 : Crossing the Threshold of Hope “Gift and Mystery” “Roman Tryptych Meditations” “Rise up Let us Go”; “Memory and Identity” are the books written by?
Ans : Pope John Paul II

8675 : In which year the Malayalam Manorama was converted to a daily?
Ans : 1928

8676 : Who freed Egypt from slavery and gave the “Ten Commandments” at the Mount of Senai?
Ans : Mosses

8677 : Who is the author of “Pakistan Crisis”?
Ans : David Loshak

8678 : Largest in Area?
Ans : Russia

8679 : The popular ministry of Travancore- Cochin was headed by ?
Ans : T.K. Narayana Pillai; the Chief Minister of Travancore at the time of integration.

8680 : Who is the author of Dr. Zhivago?
Ans : Boris Pasternak

8681 : Who is the inventor of Insulin?
Ans : F.Banting

8682 : Largest Museum (World)?
Ans : American Museum of Natural History; New York city. It comprises 19 interconnected buildings with 23 acres of floor space.

8683 : The Capital of Uruguay?
Ans : Montivideo

8684 : One of the most important results of the First World War was the Great Depression which started in?
Ans : USA in 1929

8685 : Who is the author of “Last Days of Pompeii”?
Ans : Bulwar Lytton

Author: Freshers