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Data Analyst,Application Developer,Manager Odisha FSDS

Application Developer : GIS Application Design, Mobile GIS Development, Android Application Development, Android UI Development, Mobile Database Design, Client Server Programming, HTML with CSS, SQL, RDBMS Administration

Programme Developer : PHP, JavaScript with Ajax, HTML with CSS, SQL, MySQL/PostgreSQL administration, Linux Server Administration, C++, Android Applications development, Java, Web GIS APIs(Google Maps/Openlayers), Jquery/Bootstrap APPLY

System Administrator / Manager : Shell Scripting, SQL, Windows administration, Networking, GIS Applications, Remote Sensing data, Big Data Analytics, Software Testing, Cyber Security, IPV6, Virtualisation, IT hardware Management, Satellite Imagery Storage and Management, Server Management, Data Warehousing, Automated back-up Management APPLY

Data Analyst : SQL, Python, GIS Applications, Remote Sensing data, Big Data Analytics, satellite imagery storage and management, Data warehousing, Automated back-up management, MIS Systems, MS Excel ( Advanced Formula / macro programing)

Last date : 20/May/2017


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